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Creative Request Form

Please complete all sections of the creative request form. Your submission will not be accepted by our system if any section is left incomplete.

All elements needed to fulfill your request, including approved copy, photos, etc., must be ready at the time the creative brief is submitted. Work will not begin on your project until all required elements are received by the appropriate UMC point person. Please remember to review the important questions list prior to submitting this form.

Contact Kara Kilmer at 312.915.6624, Ross Zafar at 312.915.6582, or Shawn Rice at 312.915.6459 if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL fields are required. Please fill out Section III ONLY if you are requesting an ad.
Section I: Contact Information
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Section II: Project Specifications
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Section III: ADVERTISEMENTS - Complete this section ONLY if you are requesting an ad.
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NOTE: All ad requests require an insertion order issued by UMC. E-mail wzafar@luc.edu for assistance.
Section IV: Printing Information
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NOTE: If you marked YES, please provide contact information in the space below.

Would you prefer to have Loyola's Printing Services Department print your piece? YES NO
NOTE: If you marked YES, go to LUC.edu/purchasing/printing.shtml and complete their Printing Request Form.

Do you need to reprint a project already created for you by UMC? YES NO
Section V: Other Considerations
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